This particular sativa strain has its origins in the Mullumbimby region of Northern NSW where it was originally produced outdoors. It is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) and is a prolific producer of good quality bud. 


Plants resemble small trees and heights approaching 4m was not uncommon. 


It grows into a medium-sized, dense bush of a plant which is best tamed indoors with either SoG or SCRoG and which can yield up to 800g/m2 in this environment. Outdoors it will need support for the branches as its buds can get rather heavy and risk snapping with the subsequent loss in yield. Up to 1200g/plant can be cropped at the end of May.


The hippies of the 70s were basically the pioneers of the North Coast cannabis culture. With their tender love and care, Mullumbimby Madness entered the world.


Early on, the specimens associated with 'Mullumbimby Madness' were generally of a very high quality. The bud was everywhere, and quickly became known as the best outdoor sativa smoke that Australia hd to offer. The strain's notoriety lives on in etymologically the word 'mull', which is Australian slang for cannabis.


What most folks consider true MM initially arrived in Northern NSW only to blow unassuming hippie heads off.


It has a fruity, piney aroma and taste. It is appetite stimulating and creativity enhancing, making it useful to treat conditions such as appetite loss, lack of focus, stress, chronic pain and fatigue. MM gives a creative euphoric high. 


Many users have reported vastly improved sleep patterns when consumed at night. Those suffering from pronounced anxiety have reported amazing calming effects of ingesting the oil or dried bud. Chronic pain users have reported a huge difference to their pain relief. However without TGA approval, we are unable to make any claims about this strains health benefits lol.


The production of cannabinoids is as follows: THC 17-22%. The effect when smoked/vaped is almost instant with a heavy, physical stone, almost narcotic. Medicinally it has apllications for pain relief and to combat insomnia.

Mullumbimby Madness - Regular