Lemonberry is a wonderful hybrid strain of cannabis that tends to be slightly sativa-leaning. For a long time, the true origins of this strain were up for debate. General consensus today is that the US breeders behind Fusion Seeds were the first to cross this wonderful strain. Speaking of crossing, Lemonberry is the product of an ambitious project to cross Lemon Thai with a unique strain known as Dabney Blue. The result, named Lemonberry, was an excellent sativa-hybrid whose effects are not only potent but quite enjoyable for anyone.


The physical aspects of this flower alone should be enough to sell you on this magnificent flower. Lemonberry’s typically oversized nugs are dense, with a range of green hues present in addition to bright orange hairs that wrap themselves around the surface of the flower. The trichomes on this bud are quite small, but almost impossible to differentiate from one another. Depending on the cure, you might even find your fingers covered in a thick layer of sticky resin. The aroma produced by these flowers is strong but not pungent. The bud smells like a wonderful mix of floral scents, blueberry, vanilla, and lemon. The flavor is quite similar to the smell, but the taste of the exhale from this bud is what earned its popularity. Countless users have raved online about Lemonberry’s flavor being that of a blueberry muffin with a bit of a lemony kick.


The high from Lemonberry is not just enjoyable, but it is often a treat that users save for a rainy day. Although Lemonberry often takes the stoner’s “favorite strain” spot, users are not quick to burn down their supply for fear that Lemonberry might not be available when they’re out. The onset of this high is often described as intense, but no reports have said that it’s ever too much to handle. This cerebral head high will quickly erase any doubts, negative thoughts, and bad emotions you were having previously to taking a hit, leaving nothing but good vibes in its wake. Those that have reviewed this flower often state that this bud is great for a quick toke before a night out bar-hopping with friends, as the elevated mood it puts you in not only allows you to break free from your shell but actually enjoy yourself for once. Many have reported the social nature of this high devolving into fits of non stop giggling. Medical patients and recreational smokers alike often pick up Lemonberry on their dispensary visits for its ability to treat symptoms of chronic pain, depression, stress, lack of appetite, and headaches.

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