Type: Indica


Looks: Very good, not crystalized but has red hairs, and is very dense. Kind of curved like a beard at the end of the bud.


Smell: It's a weird smell, like stale fruity smell. Smells good.


Taste: Tastes very good, better than it smells for sure.


Effects:  Couch lock, every rip I take it doesn't seem to hit me right away but in like - 20 minutes - hits you and you are in the zone. Then just find somewhere to sit down.


Potency: It is potent enough to get your whole house smelling. Really good effects lasts about 1-2 hours, depending on your tolerance. Beginners should take caution before smoking this strain.


The strain provides a blueberry with cherry and cookies aroma. It can help treat pain, nausea and anxiety. Redbeard Cookies strain is good for evening and nighttime use. Redbeard Cookies cannabis strain provides both a cerebral and body high. It starts with a stimulating effect that winds down to a heavy body stone.


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Red Beard - Regular

  • BREEDER/BRAND Aussie Seeds
    GENETICS Red Beard
    FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod
    SEX Regular
    THC 15-23%
    YIELD Unknown
    PLANT HEIGHT 51 inches
    GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
    FLOWERING TIME  60-70 days

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