Caramelicious lives up to its delicious name. It tastes like caramel and vanilla topped with honey. Drawn in, its sweet creamy smoke entices the mouth and enlivens the senses. Its scent is matched by energizing effects that uplift users and enhance the mood.


Maple Leaf influences the quality of Caramelicious. Although it is predominantly Indica, it maintains a happy head high that has users giggling for hours. Meanwhile, the addition of Afghan Kush cemented its offspring’s ease of growth as it hardened its stalks and branches.

Pure Power Plant

If you’re searching for a potent sativa, Pure Power Plant may be the strain for you. Featuring a musky, citrus smell, this strain is fairly pungent and skunk-like. Great for daytime, Pure Power Plant produces a clear-headed sensation while causing a pleasant, gentle pressure in the face and head. As this strain is not a pure sativa, however, some indica effects shine through, especially after heavy use. Too much Pure Power Plant may put you to sleep or leave you stuck on the couch. This strain is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Known for its high yields, PPP typically flowers in 8-10 weeks.



Caramelishius x PPP - Regular

  • THC 20-30%
    Indica 65% / Sativa 35%
    Sex: Regular photoperiod
    Grows: Indoors / Outdoors / Greenhouse
    Yield:  450-550g
    Height: Indoor 70cm / Outdoors 210cm
    Grow difficulty: Easy
    Harvest: April/May


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