Very good medicinal strain, helps with sleep and patients that have back pain too. Suitable for patients who are looking for relief from almost any illness and makes really good concentrates and perfect for those who want a buzz with their medication. It was the first true medical strain released with equal parts & over triple the original high rates of CBD which were 2% and still is the gauge today. THC is the best painkiller & it's why the US medical association recommends the inclusion of it in combination with CBD medications.


Taste will be Diesel fuel with slight differences in each type. 


Every Pheno is classified as High CBD levels so all are great for many medical reasons and so it comes down to preferences for the effects. Most people choose to keep one of the high THC versions and a high CBD version as mother plants.


They will all produce big yields and being a Hybrid, some plants will be very big and tall (outside) but grower skill level will determine the outcomes. 

Cannatonic - CBD Regular

  • THC 15%, CBD 5-7%
    Indoors: 450g/m2
    Outdoors: 900g 
    Height: 2.5m outdoors / 1.5m indoors
    Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks
    Harvest: April 


  • Tracking No. provided. Choose from either:

    - Express Post 
    - Regular Post 


    * No mention of seeds is given on satchel or banking.