- Regular Post - includes signature, tracking and insurance = $8.50 or

- Regular Post - No signature, but has Tracking and insurance = $9.20

- Express Post - Includes Signature, Tracking and Insurance =  $15.50

- Express Post - No Signature but has Tracking & Insurance = $13.50

- Discreet Sender details .

The package has an obscure, boring name on the back (eg. hardware parts), and says nothing about seeds. This makes it look 'undesirable'.

* It is recommended that any orders over $150 - are signed for. This offers more security of you receiving your parcel, than if it is left somewhere. 

** Northern Territory - probably best to order Express as delays up to several weeks are happening due to Covid.

Correct address details

Correct address details MUST be entered when placing an order. You will receive an email confirming your order with your details on it.


For orders paid via Paypal, (and you have moved house), please make sure you have updated your current address in Paypal (or email me).


If you feel that details were not entered correctly upon placing your order - please don't hesitate to email me so that seeds are sent to your address. ( Otherwise no replacements will be sent if the error lies with you.

If you live in an apartment, please double check that you have provided the Unit number as well as the Street number of the complex.

Eg: Unit 5, 7 Smith Street, Smithfield 

       Not just 7 Smith Street, Smithifield - otherwise the satchel will not reach you.

Delivery Policy  


Once your order is dispatched, you can follow the tracking with the number provided. Type into Google 'Track my parcel', click on the Australia Post link and type in your tracking number. This will show the status of how your order is travelling (from major depots to depots).



At this stage, banks do not process payments for Hemp products. Although Paypal is available, you can pay via Westpac. Instructions will be given once you've placed your order. Payment will need to be made as soon as possible to secure your order, as inventory isn't marked until paid (and the seeds you wanted may be sold out). If you wish to go to the Bank in person but cannot do so (night or weekend orders), please get in touch with me so the seeds can be held for you. 

Orders and payments made before 1pm will be posted out the same day (provided funds are cleared).


Once payment is made, please advise me, and include your reference number.



What shows up on your bank statement?


Only the name Rediscover Health (if you've typed it in) will appear on your bank statement, along with your Order No (00000) if you've put it as a reference.