Soul problems

I'm being shown in the spirit world of the different ages in souls.

It can cause constant irritation and annoyance - and you think it's all for no good reason - why a person has a certain affect on you.

Often there are karmic debts to repay or new lessons - so it's worth figuring this stuff out.

Life Regression therapy can assist with this, as it offers a much higher perspective (I recommend anyone who has been trained by Dolores Cannon if possible, but if not, select a therapist with some research and of course - use your gut feeling).

When we see what affects a younger soul has on us, they can really have a negative impact if we are at different levels. An older soul may not even know - they are an older soul.

The theory of reincarnation paints a picture for us.

For example, within families, sometimes dynamics can just blow up.

A son who drastically cuts ties with his father and says in his heart - 'I'm severing the relationship! I don't want anything to do with my father, I'm ending it!' - goes to commit suicide. Yes he's ended it for now, but it's very likely that the father may end up reincarnating as his very son. The son now has a 'difficult' child to contend with, and no one can pin point why the child is so darn hard to work out. 'We just don't get along' they say.

All they had to do - was work it out - in love. If there's abuse going on, a person must not tolerate this. It's best to get away from anything toxic if possible. But forgiveness and love is absolutely crucial. Even if someone wants little to do with a person they are in conflict with - sending love, just quietly - is a better way to 'end the relationship' or end the karmic ties. It's about being at peace with each other, rather than all attempts in resolving it and forcing a relationship that could just be too emotionally toxic or draining.

The word 'narcissism' is used a lot now. While it's very therapeutic to identify some injuries that our soul has had due to narcissistic people, the path of love is the higher way. We can listen to talks on narcissism till the cows come home, and they may make us feel justified and relieved in a way. However in between worlds (when you get a life review) - it boils down to love. Love of self first, then ending a relationship if need be, then trying to make a decision to send love - whether it's from a distance or after the relationship has cooled off and ended.

We need to try to reach peaceful agreements, act in love towards everyone if possible and forgive as much as possible. Forgiveness is NOT being a doormat, not allowing people to abuse us, nor accepting toxic behaviour. Rather - it is a strength. It's our job to protect ourselves (this comes from self love), then recognising the person inflicting pain on us - is probably not at peace within themselves or perhaps - a younger soul.

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