Sex on the New Earth

Not something I wanted to write about, but my Spirit Guide wants me to record the visions and the downloads of information I'm receiving. Spirit Guide uses songs to tell a story (Storytelling).

This knowledge - should be regarded as sacred. It's written here freely. It's not for sensationalism whatsoever. Please read it with the utmost respect and maturity.

I think it's wonderful to be shown things especially when the times that we are in - are just insane! These things are conveyed to us, for a reason. When we explore hidden knowledge, as it gives our hearts hope, peace, a sense that dreams can come true, and creates a desire within ourselves to raise our vibration (we can see an end goal - we wish to get there). You see - there is reward when we get our act together. Earth is a school - and it is desirable that we graduate. I feel as if I've been given glimpses into practices of a new civilisation, waiting to unfold (BTW I really can't make this up, I don't have such an imagination).

There is also a different terminology used for the 5d New Earth practices. Old 3d Earth also has another choice of words, not as elegant as the descriptions used for 5d New Earth. 3d descriptions sound more sterile and negative.

Firstly it's important we understand the dimensions. Our current 3d Earth (3rd dimensional) is heavy, dense, and a struggle. It's arduous, in a violent world full of suffering.

5th Dimension is much lighter, more loving, more liberating, more responsible, and far more beautiful. Souls who make it there - won't be under strict control like the 3d earth. It is a plane where people have worked on their inner selves, that their vibration is raised higher. These souls no longer wish to be stuck in the same old 3d cycle.

Sex on the current 3d Earth - is like a tricycle with training wheels.

Sex on the 5d New Earth - is like flying down a hill on a bike, feeling the wind and ecstasy in your face, no helmet and hair flying behind you. Arms and legs up in the air while soaring. It's a sheer thrill. The human body is designed for such experiences, but it takes evolvement of the soul to figure it out and to get to enjoy this.

Humans stuck in the 3d way of living, are not ready for it. Particularly that they lack so much love, it's not something they can explore or conceive of just yet. Souls need to learn love, to experience growth in order that they can reach maturity. But more importantly they need to learn how to love other people (this world lacks SO much love). Many souls won't make the New Earth as they have too much karma and unresolved conflicts, so they need to return in order to learn how to love.

The bike with training wheels is representative of people still learning to ride. Safety precautions are in place so they don't fall off. It's difficult to learn at first, then when a person works out how to ride the bike - it becomes fun. Yet it's not the fullest experience for the human. It's limited but not many people are aware there is so much more. Because of the lack of maturity and love for each other, sex certainly becomes very complicated and a source of pain and trouble for many.

Before a soul reincarnates to the next assignment, an agreement is made as to what their sexual orientation will be. People can choose:

3d earth term - 5d New Earth terminology

Bisexuality - loving both men and women

Lesbianism - lovng only woman/women - several or one

Homosexuality - loving only man/men - several or one

Heterosexuality - loving only the opposite sex whether several or one

Celibacy - free from concern, liberation, child-like freedom in an adult body (some souls do choose this but if they haven't remembered their agreement and end up lonely, it can cause much sorrow). Yet other souls who've worked it out - feel it's carefree contentment.

During the visions, I was shown people within clans or tribes. They 'loved' one another as it was perfectly normal to do so. It's what they were taught. They were also committed as life long partners, and the groups were tight-knit, not desiring to deal with the energies of anyone outside. This was hoped to be a desirable outcome, but how humans play things out is yet to unfold. Although the New Earth will be so glorious, it won't be entirely perfect as souls are still experiencing growth. But there'll be many who are ready to go there as they have worked things out here.

I asked Spirit Guide about consent, in case people felt like that 'didn't want to'. I was assured it's up to the soul, and the soul has plenty of choice at all times, and can say 'no'.

Currently on this 3d Earth, many souls had chosen heterosexuality. Yet on the 5d Earth, bisexuality is agreed upon as bisexuality along with 'multiple' partners (within the clan) is a massive game changer in abolishing incest, rape, domestic violence and sexual depravity etc. How? I'll explain that soon. (Our sexuality on 3d earth is currently heavily polluted and unpure).

Interestingly enough, because the majority on earth are heterosexual, it was easy for them to persecute the smaller groups of people who came into this world wanting to experience something different, such as gay, lesbian or even bisexuals. Why was this minority so bullied? The attitudes of 3d Earth, are just too immature. If they can't work out how to love animals in a kind way, how can they be ready for all this, as far as loving other humans? (Animals I mean by making sure they are loved, well fed and comfortable). The contract is made before the next incarnation, and is not something a person can change easily (they may explore, or experience other things, but not really easy to switch - though some can).

Song of Songs 5:1 Eat, friends, and drink; drink your fill of love.

The clans are made up of several men and several women. There's plenty of choice and variety. Men were allowed several women, women were allowed several men. The women could also 'love' each other as could the men - it's not viewed as a negative, but rather an experience of love and considered normal. (Not sure how far they all go penetration wise. The emphasis in the Song of Songs is mostly on oral delights).

These are called 'love feasts'.

I was shown that people who are gay in this lifetime, who are in committed relationships - are totally accepted by the Spirit Guides. There is no judgement.

Sex was not about a quick release. It's about infusing a person with love, giving and receiving but ultimately - an infusion of love using the heart energy at will. It is taught that people who were 'loving' each other, loved them with an attitude that 'they were the only one' at the time. So a person gets very lost in a sea of love. The beauty and sheer ecstasy of it all - causes them to faint!

Song of Songs 2:4. He has brought me to the house of wine, and his banner over me is love. 5. Sustain me with raisins, refresh me with apples, for I am faint with love.

This is very different to the problems stemming from sexuality on 3d Earth, filled with jealousies, possessiveness, immaturity, and about controlling a person out of insecurity. We have to ask - does this really work?

It shows humans are designed for such ecstatic experiences. It's why souls seek to get high from drugs or negative drugs that can ruin their lives and those around them. It's not wrong to seek a high, but from what I saw - thrilling experiences are what souls are designed for. It's a reward for our evolution.

Song of Songs 2:16 My beloved is mine, and I am his; he grazes among the lilies.

(The lover here, 'grazes' = to feed on, to eat). Lilies (note plural - not one, women are referred to as lilies)

Song of Songs 1:3 No wonder the young women love you! (again plural, women)

The visions go on telling a story. There is an understanding that during these love feasts there are erotic dancers. Lilies are on display and are to be admired while they wait to be picked and adored.

Song of Songs 6:13 Come back, come back, O Shulammite; come back, come back, that we may gaze on you!

I was also shown that humans also love instruments, particularly drumming to sex.

Because people will have a new lightbody, they are able to participate in the 'love feasts' which go for days!

Soaring, thrilling and gratifying.

Note: I didn't want to write this, and I had to ask Spirit Guide for clarification. It's always a good idea to get a confirmation if you are receiving information or downloads. I know many people receiving information in downloads, dreams, visions, even being driven to do things extraordinary because their heart is telling them to do so.

As my mind was feeling like soup with the downloads, we put it aside for a day as I wasn't keen.

During the night in a trance, Spirit Guide looked into my eyes and sent waves of love into my heart. It was incredibly beautiful, feeling wave after wave. I too started sending them back. We shot back waves of love to each other. During this, my website came to mind, so did my blog. I said 'ok you win'.

I was guided to listen to Dolores Canon, a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression. She also taught about the New Earth. I couldn't believe it when I listened to her during the night. Some of the things that her patients spoke about under hypnosis - was so close to what I had been seeing also. I'm still listening to Dolores as this all makes so much sense!

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