Our 'healthcare' system and the snake symbol

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Why is the medical system represented by a snake symbol? I'm open to input right now, and am very curious. Google offers up explanations of it being associated with Greek mythology and the rest. But I think there's more to it, and I believe it's profoundly simple.

The Greek word “pharmakeia” is used to indicate:

1) the use or administering of drugs 2) poisoning 3) sorcery, magical arts often found in connection with idolatry and fostered with it 4) the deceptions and seductions of idolatry - New Testament Greek Lexicon

There's times where medicine is really really needed, such as major surgery or whatever else might happen to us. I remember the time I sat in a Chemist on the chair, waiting for antibiotics to an infection. I couldn't wait to pop one in my mouth to 'cure' the infection - and it did work. (I did try some natural methods for my finger but they didn't work). Maybe I just didn't have proper knowledge? I remember wondering how we're meant to treat an infection like this, if there weren't any Chemists.

There's basic medicine, then many other aspects of medicine have been overtaken by $$$.

How about our seniors and elderly? Usually they have their pillboxes which may include anywhere from 2-5+ tablets / day. They 'trust' their doctors advice, and even trust an incorrect diagnosis. Has medicine really helped our seniors? They still keep going to see their doctor even if they are prescribed up to 10 different kinds of pills. One to treat this, one to treat the other effects.

Most of us are already aware of the danger of psychotropic drugs. They can put labels on everyone they want, but the human psyche needs the spiritual aspects too. I believe the reason people are suffering depression, or mental problems - is because they are separate from the Source (most people are - they don't want to know any such concepts). Once we are connected to Source, depression falls away. Why? Because we have great hope. If we are without hope, then life feels very grim for some people. Spiritual knowledge is needed for our minds, so we have hope, guidance and we evolve in love. If we arn't growing in love, we are like vapors (aimless).

Now that I'm reaching menopause, the time has come to try to find something to stop the dreaded 'hot flushes'.

My sister mentioned something vaguely to me, that there's something I can get 'from the doctors that's more natural'. It was a rushed, vague conversation. So off I went to the doctors to ask for something natural. I was given a prescription for Estradiol & Progesterone. However I had heard that the medication treating menopause, can be terribly cruel for horses (I was trying to find something in a hurry as well as trying to get around the issue in any way I could).

I went to the Chemist to enquire whether this was true. I asked the Pharmacist who says the words 'controversy, equine'. He actually said in his own words 'don't buy from Pfizer as they ARE very cruel to horses!' many people in the world - support Pfizer with the V that they're taking? Too numerous to count? Do the majority know what this company do in private?

I walked away sad and frustrated at realizing the truth of it. I don't have any doubts that this company WOULD do this type of thing, as have no conscience in the way they treat horses. What else are they capable of doing? Yet women take this medicine without realising what animals are suffering.

Sure I'm a meat-eater as well, but I buy free-range and have done so for years. But even though hot flushes are difficult to deal with, I'd rather not have them during the day. I can't take medicine that offers me relief - at the suffering of an animal. For now I have gotten onto some Yam cream which is helping a lot.

I no longer take any pharmaceutical medications. I'm like anyone else that may have needed assistance by having them, but I try to apply natural remedies now, or even choose to bear the pain (as I did with a recent stomach injury). I may have basic medicine in the future one day - if it's really needed or if I can't figure out any other way of treating any ailments that come up - naturally.

At this point in my life, I don't trust a snake!

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