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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Well, we get shown things that we never thought were true. Our beliefs, views, opinions and everything we've been told - gets revealed. So really - there's no need for anyone to argue - as no one quite knows it all anyway. It's like the brain gets a massive re-wiring and you are shown where you went wrong, and what is the right direction for the future.

The most important guide we have to navigate life, is to use our intuition - or listening to the 'still small voice' within us. Then our 'conscience'. If it says 'don't', then 'don't'. Ask questions, plenty of questions, search for knowledge, search for truth - and see what resonates with you.

Even if your parents had taught you incorrectly, this is revealed and the truth is shown to you. It's done with no judgement, just matter of factly.

I had been brought up Christian, and it gave me knowledge of the bible but I do wish I had known Buddhist teachings too. There was difficulties with trying to be a Christian and church was boring and undesirable to me as well so I left. However to my complete surprise, I'm now shown that the bible has books that are missing. The early church burnt books, scrolls and crucial information (some written by women followers of Jesus) and changed it to fit their agenda, and infused it with male domination (and females were cast aside as the 'sinners'). In their desire to control humanity, this brought patriarchy, competitiveness, and much fear.

I read about reincarnation years ago, but it's now that I'm shown - the soul actually reincarnates. Reincarnation was removed out of the bible (but if people REALLY look - it's still there plain as day). This requires revealing by the Spirit. The Spirit is the 'still small voice' inside of us.


I've also been shown that the way we are living now in society, is very far removed from what Creator had wanted ideally for us. Tribal living offers a far better way.

Is living in the 21st Century - really working for us? How about family life where parents have to drop a child off in day-care, then go to work? How many hours do they get to spend with their children? Is their child glued to a screen while a parent is attempting to converse with them after picking them up? Is this really ideal?

Courts ruling who sees the child? One parent or another? Really? Isn't this all insanity? Is this the way we're 'meant' to live?

How about the microchip when it comes out? Like cattle? People are so numb and will think - it's the new 'normal'? If it's not one virus along with one vaccination, then it's another (as we're already seeing). Then something else, all leading to a One World Government.

How about the parent who has to keep working, and working and working - just to make ends meet?

Concrete jungles?

How about the insanity of fashion? One minute - it's in, the next - it's out! ? Really?

A disposable society? Plastic everywhere?

Church domination over indigenous groups

Creator was close to Indigenous groups, it was He who taught them how to get food, medicine, clothing, guidelines etc.

Elders too play a crucial role in helping to raise members of the tribe.

Where is our 'wisdom' now? Our elderly are lonely in their houses, as well as on a range of medication (where they still cannot find relief for their ailments). Instead of questioning, they trust blindly everything their doctor tells them.

Years ago, I read about the indigenous grandmother's who came from various parts of the world to gather outside the Vatican to pray. They went there peacefully, but what they were really wanting - was an apology from the Vatican for the horrendous harm that had been done to their cultures and families. Such a shame that the Pope would not even go out to meet them, but ignored them completely. He showed his true colours! It was the Pope's orders to kill off the natives. It came from the church!!!

We've lost 'secret women's business', 'secret men's business'. Within tribes, is storytelling, to help guide people in making good choices. Even if 'secret wo/men's business' can offer the chance for us to laugh at the opposite sex, whilst forever trying to figure them out - helps to maintain respect rather than tearing down or dominating. But I can see that it's essential to have our own gender gathered to share stories or problems. A simple yet powerful concept, is so lost today. Instead - we have competition and endless tiresome boasting. Where is our wisdom? We have none.

In this lifetime, we are learning 'mastery'. It may mean temporarily abstaining, while we learn the correct principles. If we learn the path of love, we can evolve but the best part is - we get to play. But we have to learn how to play properly. After all, we're made to play.

Indigenous people knew how to play and free up their time. They weren't stupid enough to keep working in order to upgrade their house or car. How arrogant are we if we thought we knew more than them instead of learning from them?

Great change is coming, and it seems as if we WILL return to natural ways of living, tribes and communities. It is the 'advanced' way.

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