Life Review / Regression

Recently I've received a Life Review / Regression. I woke up a bit sick in the stomach at the gravity of how our actions affect other people. But I was at peace with the resolve.

During this time, a certain age comes to mind, and it appears before you like a screen.

I was shown the circumstances with a female friend I had years ago, named Sophia. Sophia was a part of a spiritual group that I joined. (A group I should NEVER have been involved with). But in my search for spirituality, I made a poor choice and continued to be a part of it (Should've listened to my intuition at the time!!!) Oddly enough, Sophia was only there for 'friendship' and it seemed that she never fully trusted this group.

What made me leave this group, was something Sophia had done. By divulging something confidential, she literally destroyed all relationships I had. Overnight I could sense a coldness from people (who I thought were friends over years). But it was a delusion.

I left the group heartbroken, and it was the time I started drinking (I don't drink anymore, but I did then. Alcohol was medicine for the heart). I also moved out from my husband (we are still on good terms today). But I had to go away to 'find myself'.

With poor health, and literally nothing left but some small savings, it felt like a 'dark night of the soul'. I wondered how I was going to get through it.

During the review, Sophia popped up. But we were in the next life. We got on great again, as if we had known each other for 'thousands of years'. We were laughing the way we used to and talking non-stop (just like the day we first met in this lifetime).

But I remembered what she had done, and asked with indignation:

'Are you sorry?'

She said 'what for Shell?' (just like she used to).

I said 'what you did which caused me to be severed from everyone I believed I had a relationship with. It broke my heart, enough to start drinking when I never used to previously.'

She said: 'Shell, what I did was a great act of love as this caused you to break free. You were seeking spiritual teachings in the totally wrong place, and had I not done what I did, you would've still been there probably another 20 years - wasting your whole life! And you'd have been left with nothing!'

Immediately I said to myself 'that's true! I see it now'. It was such a favour though at the time, it was so painful. It all came together, and I saw my friend had real love for my soul's journey, even when I was in the wrong place. When I thought more about her qualities, I could see what a loving person she really was. She gave meals to people in need, helped new mum's with their babies, was generous, kind, and very thoughtful. Not to mention hilarious and completely outrageous.

The relationship didn't end badly, but there was some hurtful words as I walked away. In my scrambled state, I couldn't distinguish anything, and in my mind, Sophia was in the same category as everyone else. I had to go.

During the Life Review, I saw Sophia walk from her loungeroom to sit on her bed and cry. My leaving had caused her heart to squeeze with pain and tears. I felt so bad about seeing that. I had no idea that she felt that way as a friend. My self esteem was very low in those younger years, so I was surprised that anyone had cared.

I had seen that if we hurt people, that we will feel every bit of pain that we have caused.

I was given a song about love to help me see the full picture. During a Life Review loving acts are like jewellery melted into our bodies - compassion, forgiveness, kindness, humility, goodness etc.

But when we hurt people, we will see what we have done to them, and feel their pain. During the life review, things are made right again - if the relationship is still salvagable to a degree. Some relationships are best to walk away from as they can be very toxic and destructive. They can't be made right. We have a new resolve to be more loving, especially to ourselves, then other people.

Hurting people is inevitable in various lifetimes. The soul truly needs forgiveness, as we too need to forgive. You never know....who we perceive as an enemy may have been our best teacher.

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