Life Review - good things, wrong things and opinions

The life reviews are a little daunting. I had no idea we'd all have one.

One night during another life review, I was shown a certain age, and the struggles I had at the time. I had a belief about something that was passed on from my parents, and it grieved me terribly at the time.

I was told in the life review, that the belief that was passed onto me - was incorrect. It had hurt me at the time.

Another age flashes across the screen of my mind, where my guide commented about how I treated customers where I worked for a while. The good I did, was acknowledged (phew, passed that one).

Fast forward to another age, where I began to develop more 'opinions'. My guide had something to say about it.

I'm friends with a couple Tony & Jas (not real names). At the time, they had a young toddler and I visited them during a time they were having problems. I had been friends with Tony for years and we could discuss any topic.

Tony and I headed to the beach together so we could have a personal chat. He shared how the tension was building up due to a lack of sex, which was leading to a lot of arguing. He explained he loved Jas so very much but was feeling as if married life had an aspect to it, that was impossible for him to stick to, and a young toddler wasn't helping to resolve this ache. He was really hurting over it, and being empathetic to his plight, I said 'I think you need to open up the relationship a bit more, go have some cake'. Even though Tony was alluding to the fact he felt it was his only option, he rationalised there's no way that Jas could handle something like that. Yet he longed for honest communication with Jas, as well as the freedom to venture out, and return home to his family life. He didn't want to be involved with someone else on an emotional level. His heart was set on family life with Jas and none of us wanted to see that fall apart. I was of the opinion it could save their marriage (not the opposite) as I had polyamorous views at the time which thought, required maturit. After all, I had the same discussion with another married couple I knew, but this opinion actually saved their relationship. They are still together.

Later, I sat down with Jas to listen to her side. She sat there crying and explained how they are arguing a lot and Tony is getting very angry. I knew she wasn't so open so I couldn't say anything. I really empathised with the both of them. I hoped they would work something out, it's all I could do.

I also was counselling at the time, and this was a really tough issue that would come up again and again. It was so very common as people would share that they found this side of their relationship, just so stale, yet a cause of so much distress. By this stage, I had the opinion that monogomy was a cause of much trouble in society (domestic violence, abuse, murder, incest etc) and something wasn't really working here. When you're counselling, many people have many secrets. The flip side is there's many liars and hypocrites who are self righteous in airing how monogamous they are (when they're not).

Back to the life review, and my guide is showing great disdain for my opinions and he is quite stern. He gestured strongly with his arms to get my full attention. I didn't want these ideas challenged, let alone corrected.

I sat up and flicked on the lamp (as I can see my guide better in the dark), had some water and turned on my phone as a distraction. I said 'I'm shutting down this conversation right now. You know I want to see people happy, and there doesn't seem to be any other way around this! Let them have cake!'

My guide waited for me to relax again, I said 'well if you're going to correct my opinions, then you better make it quick because I don't want to go there'. (Sometimes my guide does take time in order for me to digest what is said, to give it thought, maybe ask questions, but I didn't feel like waiting on this topic).

Immediately he spoke and explained that sex is about infusing a person with love and a commitment, not seeking the quick fix for ourselves. When we might want the gratification, to take it from another person and suck the life force out of them taking a piece of their minds, and hearts just for the fix, is incorrect and is unloving towards them (if only based on lust).

Souls on this earth, were still required to play by the rules to a degree, unless they were able to figure it out. Some can, some can't. But there are also agreements in place prior to our incarnation into the next life, that can mess this right up.

I was shown sexual relationships on the New Earth - which tends to make sense as I saw that the abuse of women, domestic violence, incest, sex slavery etc - disappeared overnight on the New Earth. It had ended with the 3d old earth. Correct sexuality had phased out all the pollution we have currently on this earth. Please see next blog post.

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