The dream that changed my life - Great hope!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Back in 2011, I had an extraordinary dream that changed my life! It was right out of the blue, and something I could not have made up. It is very similar to a Near Death Experience.

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I was standing, looking at people who were in 'Paradise'. The people I saw - were not Christians but rather they were colourful, gentle souls, and I had a knowing they were 'evolved souls' who had learnt the lessons on Earth. They were sitting on grass, talking quietly. There were fruit trees everywhere, and people could pick the fruit anytime and eat it.

Jesus stood next to me in the dream (which was surprising as I didn't want anything to do with Christianity at the time).

He said some interesting things.

'Those who had not learnt to look at other's with love in their hearts - had to return to learn how to love'

'Those who did not overcome addictions - had to return in order to learn how to overcome' (at that time, I had an alcohol addiction - but not long after this dream - I was able to just stop. (Nothing wrong with a drink here and there, or with dinner etc. but I was misusing it).

'Green leafy vegetables will help with the ascension process'. (Getting back to a pure clean diet - helps us in our thinking).

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