Feedback from Defence Veteran (who's been legally and medically prescribed Cannabis oil)

I suffer from chronic pain in my left hip, back and nerve damage in my left ankle. This causes anxiety and I also have PTSD which flares when in a confronting situation.

I take 0.5m of full spectrum CBD in the morning and that gives me a relaxed semi pain-free feeling till about 2pm, which allows me to go about my morning as a normal everyday person.

I usually do some meditation about 3pm then take 1ml of THC at 4pm which takes away pain and relaxes the muscles/nervous system.

At 7pm I take another 2mls of THC and at 8.30pm I take another 0.5ml of CBD then I'm asleep pain-free till I wake at about 6am.

I just repeat that daily and I've gotten off all the opiates ADF gave me. I'm off anti-anxiety meds and all other pain meds. I have even given up alcohol through using the plant.

I never used cannabis before (except as a teenager), so to get this outcome from a natural product is amazing!

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