A tipping point has been reached in the spirit world

The mood in the bedroom with Spirit guides has been very solemn at night, even till the next morning. I can't shake it how unsettled I feel.

We're truly on the brink.

I know they are mourning at what is see unfolding in the world and I mourned with them. The problem lies in people NOT wanting to think, not wanting to find Truth. Yet clinging onto the world.

I look at the world now when I go out, and think 'do people really want this?' The new norm? They won't let it go. Yet what many DON'T know - is that Paradise awaits - for those who CHOOSE it, fight for it, die for it. The Garden of Eden. Matt 5:5 'The meek shall inherit the Earth'. (ie Land for those who have the spiritual credentials).

If you take the leap to get on your knees - honestly - what have you got to lose? I found peace, joy, serenity, hope, love - all in the midst of turmoil.

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