Here is the place where you can buy Cannabis seeds within Australia!  We are a company inside Australia, providing highest quality seeds - direct to you. Please read the various pages on the website to understand Payment / Postage etc.

By ordering through us, you do not have to worry whether Australian Customs will seize your order, or have your purchase 'go missing'.  We take that headache out for you.

** Best not store seeds in fridge, or handle with tobacco hands
*** Please note - Regular seeds are not Feminized seeds. (Feminized seeds are much higher priced)


Regular Unidentified seeds + Other products


Sativa strains

High THC Strains

High Yield

Medicinal strains



Seeds are sold as 'souvenirs' only, or for collectors.

All product information is provided 'as is', for informational and educational purposes only. The information is obtained from breeders and Aussie seeds cannot guarantee its accuracy.


Yield, Height, THC and CBD content are given by the breeder and should be considered to be based on indoor cultivation (unless stated otherwise) by an experienced grower. Aussie seeds, sells cannabis/hemp seeds as collectable adult genetic preservation souvenirs/adult topical body/food grade, products which is not for human consumption. We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it might be illegal.

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